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Metal Finishing and Surface Engineering Technologies

The Electropolishing work we undertake cuts across all market sector types from small casting and component manufacturers to fabrications for the food industry to more sophisticated items such as vessels for the pharmaceutical sector. A procedure is available for the electropolishing work however it is based upon our own in-house specification.

We have fully dedicated electropolishing facilities with capabilities up to 3000 amps at a controlled voltage (6 - 20 Volts). Specialist components or unusual designs may require fabrication of bespoke jigging can be accomodated.


Bright and aesthetically pleasing
Chemically passive
Surface roughness reduced, smoother surface and less micro cracks
Corrosion resistance due to the enrichment of a chromium oxide layer
Reduced bacterial growth.
Easier cleaning due to less build-up of product on the surface of the material

Services we offer:

Industrial ElectroPolishing
Bespoke Requirements
Precise Specification - Data Recording and Certification
We invite sample or trial batches for your inspection.

Electro-Polishing Services

Stainless Restoration Ltd, Adamsons Industrial Estate, Hyde SK14 1EE

Stainless Restoration Ltd offer an Electropolishing service to the stainless steel fabrication/manufacturing industry at its newly refurbished fully automated Electropolishing plant at Hyde Manchester.