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As a Metal Finishing specialist our usage of various chemicals has been refined over many years to give the best performance and value possible. We are pleased to be able to offer our leading ranges for direct sale to our customers.

Using our own internal laboratory we are able to tailor any of our Enerjex range to specific requirements following laboratory analysis.



Enerjex Specialist

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Enerjex 120

Pickle Paste

Pickle Paste Energex 120

Safety Data Sheet

Enerjex 120 has been formulated to operate at the lower end of the corrosion resistant gradient. It is particularly suitable for the pickling of 3Cr12 grade steels (EN 1.4003) and also aluminium grades. This product has all the main features of a standard Enerjex pickling paste such as Enerjex 130 in terms of feel, texture and performance.

Can be used for pickling surfaces that have:
Rust contamination from tooling marks,Oxide/heat bloom removal following welding or heat treatment,Low etch pickling of 300 series cold rolled sheet stainless steels without leaving a white etched "halo" effect around the weld HAZ after pickling. 

Colour Green
Texture Gel
Strength Low
Coverage 50m/kg at 50mm wide
Contact Time 30 minutes at 20c
Grades 300 series (Austenitic)
Application Application Data Sheet
Visibility Good
Positions Vertical, 

Dilution Do not dilute
Compliance ASTM A380
Approvals N/A
Accessories Large Brush