Enerjex 590 Fume Scrubber (Code: enerjex590)

Enerjex 590 Fume Scrubber
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Enerjex 590 Fume Scrubber Enerjex 590 Fume Scrubber



Enerjex 590 is an Alkaline based chemical which is used to "knock-out" the toxic NOx fumes which are generated during HOT acid pickling operations.

The Enerjex 590 is added to the scrubber system so that it is circulated around the scrubber cascading from the distribution manifold down the packed column and reacting with the toxic fumes which are traveling in the opposite direction.

The benefit of the Enerjex 590 is that the resulting compounds that are produced are soluble in the solution and therefore do not cling or cake the internal of the pipework and the impeller blades. This results in less maintenance work to clean the system.


Supplied in 25lt, 200lt or 1000lt Polyethylene containers which are type approved for hazardous goods.

Colour Colourless
Texture Liquid
Strength High
Coverage N/A
Contact Time Minimum 5 minutes at 45°C
Grades Wide and Varied
Application Brush, Spray, Dip or Sponge
Visibility N/A
Positions N/A
Dilution Can be diluted
Compliance N/A
Approvals N/A
Accessories SR-V1/4 Spray Applicator Pump - Can be Heated
Enerjex 590 Downloads Format
Application Data Sheet PDF
Manufacturer's Safety Sheet (MSD) PDF











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