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Enerjex 550 - Flocculating Agent (Code: enerjex550)

Enerjex 550 - Flocculating Agent
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Enerjex 550 - Flocculating Agent Enerjex 550 - Flocculating Agent



Enerjex 550 is an aluminium-based flocculating agent for use during effluent neutralisation.

In order to comply with local water authority regulations all acid-waste needs to be treated before discharging to the local public sewer system. Note: a licence to discharge will need to be obtained before legal permission is given to discharge.

Consult your local authority or ask SRL for advice.

Enerjex 550 flocculating agent:

  • Gives rapid settlement of metal hydroxides in the form of a sludge which can be sent for disposal (or passed through a filter press).
  • Helps the drop-out of metals from solution after pH correction is made typically 6 -10. It is within this range that maximum precipitation of the metal salts will occur, resulting in a waste water that complies with local water authority levels.
  • Should be used in conjunction with Enerjex 520 neutralising agent for pH adjustment between 6 - 10.



Supplied in 25lt, 200lt or 1000lt Polyethylene containers which are type approved for hazardous goods.

Colour Clear
Texture Liquid
Strength N/A
Coverage N/A
Contact Time N/A
Grades N/A
Application N/A
Visibility N/A
Positions N/A
Dilution N/A
Compliance N/A
Approvals N/A
Accessories Dosing Pumps, pH Control Equipment
Enerjex 550 Downloads Format
Application Data Sheet PDF
Manufacturer's Safety Sheet (MSD) PDF











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