Enerjex 520 Neutralising Agent (Code: enerjex520)

Enerjex 520 Neutralising Agent
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Enerjex 520 Neutralising Agent Enerjex 520 Neutralising Agent



Enerjex 520 is a strong alkaline agent that can be used for neutralising acid waste resulting from; Pickling, passivation. In order to comply with local water authority regulations all acid-waste needs to be treated before discharging to the local public sewer system.

Note: A licence to discharge will need to be obtained before legal discharge.

Consult your local authority or ask SRL for advice.

Enerjex 520 neutralising agent:

  • Gives rapid precipitation of Chromium and Nickel in the form of a sludge which can be sent for disposal.
  • Helps adjust the pH of the waste-acid to the required level, typically 6 - 10 pH



Supplied in 25lt, 200lt or 1000lt Polyethylene containers.

Colour White
Texture Semi-liquid
Strength N/A
Coverage 1kg per 2kg of Avesta Pickle Paste
Contact Time Until pH of rinse water is between 6-10 pH
Grades N/A
Application Injection or mixing
Visibility Low
Positions N/A
Dilution Can be diluted
Compliance N/A
Approvals N/A
Accessories Dosing pumps or pH controllers
Enerjex 520 Downloads Format
Application Data Sheet PDF
Manufacturer's Safety Sheet (MSD) PDF











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