Enerjex 360 Pickling Liquid (Code: enerjex360)

Enerjex 360 Pickling Liquid
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Enerjex 360 Pickling Liquid Enerjex 360 Pickling Liquid



Enerjex 360 is a concentrate for making additions to an existing pickling solution such as Enerjex 301 to help "spike" the strength. It is used during cold conditions where the existing solution may be struggling to etch at a quick rate or the grade of steel to be pickled is particularly inherently corrosion resistant and needs a more aggressive pickle.

The Enerjex 360 is added to the solution and can be used for either hot or cold applications.

Enerjex 360 Pickle Liquid Concentrate conforms to ASTM A380 A1.1.


Supplied in 25lt, 200lt and 1000lt containers which are type approved for hazardous goods.

Colour Red
Texture Semi-liquid gel
Strength High
Coverage 5m²/lt
Contact Time 30-60 minutes at 20°C for high grades listed below
Grades 200, 300, 400 Series Stainless Steels, Duplex Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Titanium Alloys
Application Immersion or circulation
Visibility Good
Positions Vertical, overhead, horizontal and flat
Dilution Do not dilute
Compliance ASTM A380
Approvals N/A
Accessories Polypropolene tanks and baths
Enerjex 360 Downloads Format
Application Data Sheet PDF
Manufacturer's Safety Sheet (MSD) PDF













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