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Enerjex 230 EXTRA Spray Pickling Gel (Code: enerjex230Extra)

Enerjex 230 EXTRA Spray Pickling Gel
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Enerjex 230 EXTRA Spray Pickling Gel Enerjex 230 EXTRA Spray Pickling Gel

ENERJEX 230 Extra


Enerjex 230 EXTRA  spray pickle gel is a very aggressive pickling acid than its close relative Enerjex 230. Designed for descaling stainless steels and other grades as listed below.

It has been particularly designed to be used on Duplex family stainless steels. Its texture lends itself to spray application along weld seams and larger surfaces such as whole vessels or fabrications to achieve a homogenous "white" pickle appearance

During the welding process the steel is raised above its oxidising temperature (~400°C) and the formation of a rainbow coloured oxide film appears on the surface (the oxide scale itself is a type of corrosion "dry corrosion").

The oxide scale is/can be deleterious to the corrosion resistant properties of the stainless steel, particularly when a steel is operating close to its design limits. Enerjex 230 will remove these areas and help restore the corrosion resistant properties across the weld and HAZ.

Enerjex 230 conforms to ASTM A380 & ES_5361_2


Supplied in 30kg Polyethylene containers which are type approved for hazardous goods.

Colour Blue
Texture Semi-liquid gel
Strength High
Coverage 5m²/lt
Contact Time 30-60 minutes at 20°C for high grades listed below
Grades 300 series (Austenitic) ie 304, 316 sheet or plate
Application SR-V1/4 air fed pump or compression sprayer
Visibility Good
Positions Vertical, overhead, horizontal and flat
Dilution Do not dilute
Compliance ASTM A380  ES_5361_2
Approvals N/A
Accessories SR-V1/4 air fed pump or compression sprayer
Enerjex 230Extra Downloads Format
Application Data Sheet PDF
Manufacturer's Safety Sheet (MSD) PDF












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