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Plastic Fabrication

Stainless Restoration Ltd have been working with polypropylene and other plastics since its inception in 1998. SRL's interest in polypropylene started with its in-house pickling, passivation and electro-polishing shop processing facilities. It was during the design and building of our current facility SRL has used Polypropylene as its preferred choice of material for its excellent corrosion resistance.

Polypropylene is available in a wide range of products such as pipe, ducting, fittings, valves, sheets and long extruded sections. The range of fabrications that can be made is not unlike those that can be manufactured in the steel fabrication industry.

SRL have a dedicated 10,000ft² work shop with gantry overhead crane to assist in the building of larger fabrications.

Typical fabrications might include:

  • cylindrical vessels
  • square tanks
  • hoppers
  • pipework installation
  • ducting work
  • floors & bunds
  • general fabrications
  • neutralisation pH correction plants
  • cylinder or barrel pickling machines

Working alongside our fabrication team we have a network of engineers who can provide control equipment with PLC and HMI programming to help run the plant or machine.

Air actuated controlled valves and corrosion resistant sensors for detecting; liquid level, flow, temperature, conductivity, pH can be designed into equipment to render it semi or fully automated.

SRL are able to Design, Manufacture, Install and commission plant, equipment and systems to process or transfer chemicals or indeed process lines to finish components such as pickling lines or Electro-polishing lines.

A variety of pumps, valves and switches are supplied by SRL to industry. SRL are able to help specify the correct piece of equipment for your application.


SRL are the only UK company who will supply waste pH adjustment plants (neutralisation) to industry on a hire term basis. The plants arrive skid-mounted and are able to neutralise your waste at source and remove sludge via filter pressing the waste by-product. Please ask our sales team for further information.

This allows the customer to manage his own waste treatment on site without the need to contract third party HAZWASTE removal companies. The waste can be reduced to a solid "cake" waste which is proportionally less volume than original waste volume.

Consultations are free of any charge for the hire.

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SRL are proud to announce the addition of a transport division to our ever expanding group.

We are now able to arrange collection and return of large or volume items using our own transport. Please ask about transportation of your items when requesting a quotation




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