Stainless Restoration Limited started its journey way back in 1994 when the Managing Director, Mr Frank Morris, held the position of Technical/sales representative with Avesta Sheffield Distribution Ltd, later to become Outa Kumpu Stainless.

During his time at ASDL Frank was charged with promoting the welding consumables and also the "post welding cleaning" products which included pickling paste, spray gels, cleaners etc.

It was during this time with the industry experts in stainless steel that Frank honed his already core knowledge of welding stainless steels and duplex with further deeper knowledge of stainless and more importantly the cleaning and preparation of the HAZ prior to service.

Working alongside some of the industry's best and most knowledgeable leading lights in "all things stainless" such as Dr Chris (Duplex) Baxter helped Frank improve his working knowledge.

Another individual who has helped Frank become the business man he is today was his former boss at ASDL, Mr Jim Wheatley, who showed him how to be present with customers and how to deal with the customers and there needs. Some of the values which Frank uses today in his business and personal life have been influenced by Jim. Forgiveness, tolerance and a sense of fairness was what was learnt during his time at ADSL under Jim Wheatley, this of course has to be balanced with the success of the company and the need to develop the right culture within the business.

It was when Frank left ADSL that he asked his old boss if he could continue to market the Stainless Steel Chemical pickling products that his boss agreed and the early days of SRL were born. During this time SRL was intent on just selling chemicals to distributors and end-users alike, however it soon became clear that end-users didn't like the idea of handling, storing, using these chemicals and would often ask Frank if he could undertake the work along with the sale of the chemicals.

From these early beginnings in the 90's SRL has managed to continue to grow over the last decade into one of the leading "metal finishing" companies in the UK specialising a wide range of metal finishing processes from;

  • pickling
  • passivation
  • electro-polishing
  • mechanical polishing
  • glass bead blasting
  • iron shot blasting of carbon steel
  • industrial coatings
  • plastic fabrication
  • consultation services
  • chemical sales

over the course of this journey SRL has seen many of its suppliers and employees fall by the wayside for a variety of reasons least of all that SRL has continued to have a fix goal which is to be the best and most focused " metal finishing" company in the country. This aim is not without its casualties or indeed rewards. SRL in its strive to gather a high standard of work force and suppliers to help support its needs has had to let go of those individuals and suppliers that either don't share the same aspirations to grown stronger and better or they are unable to provide products and services that we demand of our suppliers going forward.

It has taken a long time for Frank to find the right team of managers that could embrace the companies ethos and instil the right culture needed to impress upon our customers that our business is serious, we take every customer serious and if the customer wishes to commit to SRL we will show 100% in return.

It is important that we mention the team of managers that are helping to keep SRL at the forefront of the countries metal finishing industry.

General Manager: Rob Wilson

Production Managers: John Glynn 

Quality Assurance: Alan Dobson

Sales: Frank Morris 

Accounts:  Louise Dunworth