Stainless  Restora​tion Ltd

Metal Finishing and Surface Engineering Technologies

Quality Policy

Stainless Restoration Ltd recognises that the delivery and continual improvement of quality is the key to a successful business and a good reputation. The company meets the requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2015 through the implementation of this policy and the deployment of the SRL Quality Management System (QMS) to fulfil the following commitments: 

✓ To understand our customer needs better than anyone else and serve them better than anyone else.
✓ To continually improve the SRL Quality Management System.
✓ To satisfy all applicable statutory regulatory, product, service & customer requirements. 

Meeting the above commitments by the deployment of our quality objectives, enables achievement of sales growth, generating financial results that will secure the future of the business and meet all requirements. Regular review of the purpose and context of our organisation has defined our strategic direction. This approach enables the reinvestment and continual improvement that benefits both Stainless Restoration Ltd and our customers.
This policy is made available to all interested parties on company notice boards and by request.

Quality Objectives

SRL Quality Policy and objectives are established and reviewed during the planned Senior Management Review (SMR) but may be changed at other times to satisfy customer requirements. The needs and expectations of all interested parties are considered within the context of our organisation in order to establish the SRL Quality Objectives. The objectives are set at both company-wide and departmental levels to produce specific targets for each department. 

Quality Objectives will be measurable, specific and are displayed in strategic areas around the business. 

Performance against Quality Objectives is reviewed at each SMR as a fixed agenda item. This framework ensures that we are meeting requirements and are constantly striving to meet our stated aims.

Quality Management System Scope

The scope of the Stainless Restoration QMS, at the date of this policy review, is shown below: 

✓ The Chemical Cleaning, Pickling and Passivation, Electro-Polishing, Abrasive blasting, Industrial Coating, Ultra High-Pressure Cleaning, Fabrication of Metal Structures, Chemical Sales and Analytical Services. 

✓ Applicable in Stainless Restoration, Surface Engineers, and SRL Bead & Blast. 

The scope of the Stainless Restoration quality management system takes into account the Context of our business, and the requirements of our Interested Parties.
This applies to all relevant services, at the locations shown on the Quality Registration Hierarchy (COM-SRL-21)

Frank Morris

BSI Certified - Download Certificate