Stainless  Restora​tion Ltd

Metal Finishing and Surface Engineering Technologies

The SRL laboratory is located at our main facility in Hyde, Manchester. We provide analytical and surface metallurgical services, including R/D provision to both our numerous in-house processes, and customers on-site across the UK.

We specialise in chemical analysis for metal surface treatment processes and industrial effluent treatment units. We recognise that regular testing of these facilities is vital for meeting designated process specifications as well as environmental discharge regulations. To support your needs we can provide independent analysis reports on demand, or be integrated into your process control scheme.

• Quantitative Chemical Analysis
• Chemical Engineering
• Surface Metallurgy

Laboratory Services

With over 15 years of experience in metal finishing our expertise services extend to process design and R&D of new procedures tailored to your desired surface finish. We work with a wide variety of industrial metals and alloys, and especially welcome niche applications and any speciality alloys. Our in-house fabrication team can design, build, install and commission processes to stringent specifications.

Our laboratory houses an extensive range of advanced analytical equipment and metallurgical instruments providing precise, accurate and reliable results in the areas of:

• Quantitative Chemical Analysis
• Chemical Engineering
• Surface Metallurgy

Following recent expansions the laboratory will continue to grow and allow us to develop innovative techniques keeping us at the forefront of the field.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at to discuss how our services can bring value to your company. 

 Laboratory Brochure

Stainless Restoration Ltd, Adamsons Industrial Estate, Hyde SK14 1EE

Quantitative Chemical Analysis

A chemical process line requires regular control to ensure adherence to specification.

Stainless Restoration has the ex​perience to quickly diagnose issues and provide solutions. Like visiting the dentist however, regular monitoring is key to preventing problems from arising in the first place.

The process will involve an initial site visit, or you can send your samples to us for preliminary analysis and this will be following up by a comprehensive report on the root-cause, including possible remedial work solutions.

We have techniques to test the following: 

  • pH 
  • Ions 
  • Acid concentration 
  • Active constituent concentration 
  • Metal content 
  • Gravimetric 
  • Conductivity 
  • Colorimetric